Okay, since it’s really hard to get to know someone in a few words, I’ll tell about what I do and what my interests are.

First, own a couple small companies. The first one, Sloan Consulting, is mainly just me doing web development work for a variety of clients. I work in e-commerce mostly, doing everything from web sites to enterprise integration work to business web application development. It’s all fun for me except when the clients suck. Mainly I work in web based programming languages like ColdFusion, PHP, ASP and now I’m learning Python and Ruby. For databases, I’ve worked in MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Postgres and Oracle. I would consider myself to be an average graphic designer, a very good business analyst, a strong web developer and a very good communicator. If I could just charge people more money, I’d be doing very well. Instead, I do okay and I have a lot of clients that I can call friends.

My second business is called SALEient. We’re an ASP (Application Service Provider) which means we host web-based software for our clients. We have a series of different types software that we support and sell but they’re all geared towards the small business. We have a motto, “Big Business Technology on a Small Business Budget.” We focus on putting together software that is simple and powerful rather than all-encompassing, enterprisey and complicated. We take inspiration from Bruce Lee when he said, “The less effort, the faster and more powerful you will be.”

Now, what am I interested in.

I am very active in progressive politics. I am a member of the NDP, I’ve run for MLA and now I am the technical advisor for the party in Alberta.

I play basketball here in Edmonton. I’ve coached basketball in the Edmonton area in the past, coaching for Alberta Basketball, Grant MacEwan and The King’s University College. I would say, based on what other have offered, that I am a decent coach but I’ve never really won anything.

More to come soon.

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