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NHL is getting new uniforms

Well, this isn’t huge news, there are a lot of sports fans out there that think this is bad news.

This may be very similar to what all NHL teams will have to change their uniforms to:

Notice the more streamlined shape.

While some people think this is a less masculine jersey, it will be good for the NHL if they change. First, new sales of jerseys. Second, when fans where the jersey, they won’t look as awkward. Third, fewer phantom penalties for hooking or holding because the refs will actually be able to see the contact with the player.

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Oilers win! There’s going to be a game 7.

A very exciting and satisfying game to watch, the Oilers beat the Carolina Huricanes last night 4-0.

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Basketball and Hockey Playoffs

Phoenix Suns are tied with the Lakers, 1 game each. It’s now a best of 5. Steve Nash played well but the rest of the team looked a bit off. Also, it looks like Steve’s going to be the MVP again. It’s not official yet.

The Edmonton Oilers are looking pretty good right now. Jarrett Stoll‘s overtime winner was a result of a pretty good period by the Oilers. They still give up too many chances though.

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