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Oilers win! There’s going to be a game 7.

A very exciting and satisfying game to watch, the Oilers beat the Carolina Huricanes last night 4-0.

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Encoding HTML Email Links

Use this form to encode your email links on a website.

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Important Warning…

John Scott sent me this warning. Take heed.

Generally, I hate the warnings that get sent around, but I have to admit that this one is important. Please protect everyone you know by sending this to your entire email list.

If a man comes to your front door and says he is conducting a survey and asks you to show him your bum.

DO NOT show him your bum.

This is a scam. He only wants to see your bum.

I wish I’d got this yesterday. I feel so stupid and cheap.

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Slow typing

It’s hard to get typing done with a bum hand.

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Broken hand

Well, I finally suffered a real injury.

Playing slow pitch baseball, I managed to break my hand while diving for a ball. It’s not a big break but they had to put a cast on my left hand. This is what happens to “weekend warriors.”

Typing is going to be difficult for 4 to 6 weeks. Expect short email and blog posts.

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Personal Update

To all those listening, did you get enough food at Easter dinner.

For some news on my latest work, here are a couple of my recent projects: – I’m the main builder of the back-end of this system. Check out the my projects area. Also, the “Cover my World” application uses Geoff Freedman‘s Flash work on top of my Flash Remoting/ColdFusion stuff. There’s some CMS stuff in there as well. Lots of fun. – This is a pretty straight forward e-commerce site. It’s Jodi’s design. The project is owned by Cricket Works. – What a fun site. I’m the website’s architect. It’s a bit of a work in progress for now but it’s coming along. The website design is by Jodi again. – This is the website I built for our slow-pitch baseball team. I think it’s pretty cool. I built about 75% of it in an afternoon. I wonder if other teams out there would be interested in using this application. It’s ColdFusion for now but I’m thinking of porting it over to Django. If it’s useful enough, maybe I could sell it. Maybe to a league or to a sports association. I’ll think about it.

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Web 2.0

A lot of crap has been written about Web 2.0 but from my point of view most of it’s crap. Here’s a listing of many of the bigger 2.0 projects out there:

Here’s some interesting stuff:

Google is coming out with a calendar to fit into their gmail offering.

One of the companies in my building has a new competitor. Skoochie meet Skobee (both companies provide an online invitation service)


New Webmail

I’m going to try setting up a new webmail client for my server. We’ll see how I do. The client is called RoundCube and here are some instructions on setting it up.

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The Genesis, Implementation, and Management of New Systems

Read this…

This is a pretty interesting story about the GM of the Oakland Athletics baseball team and how he turned around his team from a losing team to a very successful team on a small budget.

The underlying message to me is that business or sports rely too much on opinion and not enough on fact and reason. As well, there is a message about how hard it is to reform business systems once they are in place and entrenched.

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