I’ve been thinking a lot about names and new ventures.

It’s no longer reality that a “brand name” can be created and built up without major marketing efforts. The new businesses have to tie in their business name to their marketing efforts and to their web URLs (as part of the marketing effort). Short memorable names and domain names are very difficult to find.

One new venture that I’m involved in, and that I had a part in naming, is Passific (www.passific.com). It’s a web site that will let people safely manage all their passwords. It uses modern encryption techniques and a straightforward interface to let people create, save and even transfer passwords (and the information that goes with the password). As a web developer, I should have hundreds or even thousands of passwords but I don’t. I have a couple dozen (and I think this is pretty good) that I use depending on the situation. If I had a tool that would allow me create unique passwords without having to worry about remembering them, I could make every password unique. Anyway, back to the name thing… The name Passific sounds the same as the ocean and when we’re dealing with information on the Internet, the ocean is an appropriate metaphor. The letters, “pass,” refer to password and there’s also the suffix “ific” which I like to believe is the same as the end of “terrific”. All parts of the name of the product and URL make sense in some way to our customers. As well, there is a natural logo idea for it as well. An ocean wave seems natural.

Now, a second venture that I’m involved in is called Team Remind (www.teamremind.com). We’re still pre-beta here so there’s nothing to see except a temporary message. I’m still thinking about the name. While I like this name, I wonder if it’s doing enough to help our marketing. What does a “remind” look like? Both the words “team” and “remind” are concepts and have no immediately recognizable concrete image. We’re still thinking about that fact.

Naming a new venture