The CBC posted a story about the commute times of people and that they are rising. There could be many factors, such as more traffic, urban sprawl, etc., but there’s no denying that it’s true.

I generally commute about 40 minutes per day. There are a few days (not many, maybe 2 or 3 per month) when I either work from home or am on the road and therefore no commute time. It would be nice if this were less but it’s not too bad. It’s about 135 hours per year or 3.375 work weeks of time.

I wonder if “commute time” is from door to door or time in the car driving. I like my parking situation but a lot of people have to find a parking space and then walk to the office.

I’d say the biggest issue that one is faced with while considering the amount of time spent commuting in a vehicle is, couldn’t I be doing something better with my time. Sure, some time in the car may be on a cell phone so technically you could be productive while commuting but that’s dangerous. Also, what if you don’t have any work that you can do on the phone?

Personally, I like the time in the car on the way home to decompress from the day. The morning radio is great for entertaining me on the way to work. Maybe that 40 minute per day isn’t a waste after all is said and done.