Read this Angus Reid poll. There are some interesting facts about just how similar we are with Americans. Actually, it seems there are as many regular thoughful Americans as there are Canadians.

So why is it that we view the Americans with such hostility and that we don’t admire them very much. Could it be the simplistic views of Canadians that are presented to Americans, by our celebrities for example? Could it be that Americans spend so much time focusing on themselves that they don’t really know very much about us? Could it be them?

On the other hand, perhaps it’s us. Perhaps we watch too much of their news and get too involved in their affairs (voyeuristically that is)? We watched their elections and felt we had a right to an opinion on whom they elect for president. Did we get too much information and therefore we’ve painted the entire country with a broad brush–our lack of respect for their leader.

Another option is to “blame it on the media.” They run the polls, they put the news on and in some respect, they help us form our opinions.

Could it be that we’re two well developed nations, close partners in the world economic and political stages and the people of both nations are actually more alike than different? Could it be that the apparent wedge between us is not between the people but some contrived media stunt so we’ll watch more news.

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