This is what I’m setting up:
Okay, so I’m not going to do this like other people. Here’s the plan:

I’ve got a 27″ LCD TV in our living room. LCD’s are nice because they use less power, take up less space and have a great picture. Not quite as bright as a plasma other TV’s but the other benefits make up for it for our home.

I’ve got a Yamaha DVD Player/Amp and 5+1 speaker system. Very nice and great theatre sound.

Now, I want the digital media player to work for me. I’ve got a hard drive filled with all my MP3s and a bunch of DVDs and other movies. I’d like to play them. I’ve decided to use one of my PC’s (a very cool Shuttle system) and get it set up with KnoppMyth (a linux distribution that will make a computer into a PVR, personal video recorder). For now, I don’t have a TV card in the Shuttle so I can’t do any of the PVR stuff but KnoppMyth also works pretty well as a Media Player. I’ll pop my hard drive in it and voila, I’ve got a media centre.

So here’s the cool stuff. First have you seen the Zen Shuttle? Looks good. And it’s very quiet. Because the power supply is out side the box, like a laptop, it doesn’t need a big fan making a lot of noise so the little quiet fan inside doesn’t have to work hard and doesn’t make much noise.

Zen Shuttle

Next, KnoppMyth is Linux. I can hook it up to the home network, allow it to share folders on other computers, or use it to download more goodies.

It’s going to take a bit of work to put it together but should be well worth it.

Here’s an article on setting this up:,1558,1814975,00.asp

For the ultimate media server:

What is this Jinzora thing?

Home Media Centre