Alright, I’ve tried writing blogs before and inevitably, they fall apart on me. I usually get too busy and forget about it. However, I’m going to try to approach this differently this time. When I get too busy, that’s precisely when I should be writing stuff down.

You see, there are people out there that I care about that sometimes I just don’t have enough time to talk with or see. Since they care about me as well, I feel that when I’m busy, that’s when I should let them know that I’m alright. By alerting them about this blog, that’s what I’ll be doing.

Now, what’s this going to be about. Just about everything.

Here are some of my current interests so you can get a sense of some of the stuff that will be mentioned here.

  • My work: SALEient, Conflux, Sloan Consulting, BuildPlaces, Real Macaroni
  • My friends and family: Notes and news as they come up.
  • My politics: Progressive politics (left wing and proud of it), Alberta NDP, Federal NDP
  • My home: I’m trying to make an old home in Sherwood Park, Alberta, and make it a bit more environmentally friendly. I hope to save some money on bills too.
  • Technology: I work with technology, I play with technology, I blog about technology
  • Other stuff too.